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I am passionate about creating the best flavour and taste possible for your cake and the ONLY way to do this is by using the best ingredients possible. I always use high quality natural ingredients, this really does make all the difference to making the cake taste amazing. Therefore, as an example, for the basis of all our cakes we use: organic flour, British free range eggs, fair trade unrefined sugar and proper British butter - YUM! Everything is freshly made, from scratch including all our jams and curds which are homemade.


 Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and other dietary requirements all welcome! 

Wedding Cake Samples
Pistachio Cake

We love to offer as much flexibility and creativity in your flavour choices as we do for the decoration. Therefore, I have studied and experimented with flavours over the years in order to be able to offer a huge variety of both traditional and off the wall flavour ideas for your cake. I encourage you to be daring and try something a bit different (tastings are available) - the best feed back from guests is always about the interesting flavours! 


See below for our amazing range of flavour options and combos, either chose from our favourite combos are create your own!


Wedding Cake Flavour Combinations
Wedding Cake Flavours
Birthday Cake
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