As your cake is tailor made just for you, the price will very much depend on all factors such as number tiers and level of decoration. But I realise that everyone likes to know a rough price guide to give an idea of what they are dealing with. This is a very rough guide, for a more acurate price of the sort of cake you would like, please contact me and I can give you a better idea with no obligation! 


Start from £70



2 Tier from 295

3 Tier from 400

4 Tier from 550

5 Tier from 670


Portion  Guide

This portion guide gives you an idea of how much cake you will need. Portions are based on 1" slices of fruitcake and 1.2" slices of sponge cake. However, number of portions may vary depending on how it is cut on the day - the bigger the slices the fewer portions you will have from the cake. If you would like bigger/grander looking cake but don't have the mouths to eat it all then I offer the option of having false tiers. These are made from polystyrene but are decorated exactly like the rest of the cake - therefore, giving you the look you want without all the extra cake! Clever hey?!