Gold and mint foliage cake with golden lion cake toppers
3 Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf and Colourful Flowers
4 Tier Navy Blue Wedding Cake with Handmade Sugar Orchids and Rose Gold Leaf
Ridged Buttercream Wedding Cake with Wil
3 Tier Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Fruits and Flowers
3 Tier Ridged Buttercream Cake with Flowers
4 Tier Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers
3 Tier Ridged Buttercream Wedding Cake with Flowers and Foliage
2 Tier Peach Watercolour Wedding Cake with Cascading Roses
Mini Cupcake Tower with Semi Naked Top T
3 Tier Wedding Cake with Sugar Tree and London Skyline Overlooked by Couple and Dog
4 Tier Gradual Semi Naked Wedding Cake w
3 Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake wtih Lat
Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Eucalyptus
Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers and
Pale Green Wedding Cake with Cascading F
Semi Naked Succulent Chocolate Cake
3 Tier Ridged Buttercream Wedding Cake with Flowers and Gold Leaf
Pink and White Ombre 4 Tier Wedding Cake
Wedding Cupcakes with Semi-Naked Single
3 Tier Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake
Single Tier Wedding Cake with Thistle Eu
Navy and Cream 2 Tier Buttercream Weddin
White Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake wi
White and Gold Brushed Ridged Buttercrea
Marbled 1 tier wedding cake with flowers
2 Tier Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf, Gold Drips, Macarons and Flowers
Gold Brushed Wedding Cake with Macarons
Simple 3 Tiered White Wedding Cake with
2 Tier Gold Brushed and Ridged Buttercre
White Wedding Cake with Sunflowers and S
2 Tier Marbled Wedding Cake with Gold Details and Flowers
Two Tier Brushed Gold Buttercream Weddin
Textured Origami Wedding Cake
Edible Flowers Buttercream Cake
Four Tier Naked Wedding Cake with Fruits and Flowers
3 Tier Semi Naked Cake with Flowers 10
Black, Gold Leaf and
Buttercream Stripes and Dots with Fresh Flowers 2
Gold Paint Drip Watercolour Wedding Cake
3 Tier Rustic Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers
2 Tier Wedding Cake with Brushed Gold an
Edible Pressed Foliage Wedding Cake
Gold Leaf and Turquoise Wedding Cake
Birch Bark Wedding Cake with Roses and F
Three Tier Semi Naked Cake with Pink Top
Rustic White Buttercream Cake Decorated with Green Foliage on Log Cake Stand
Rustic Naked Wedding Cake
Four Tier Classic White Patterned Weddin
Four Tier Naked Cake With Fruits
Vegan 4 Tier Beach Themed Wedding Cake
2017-02-28_14-31-16_689 (2017-02-28T14_34_36.457)_edited
Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake with Cre
Woodland Shoot WarmerDSC_0764
Fresh Flowers Wedding Fair 3
Cupcake Tower Wedding Cake with Naked Top Cake Decorated with Berries4
Marbled Grey Wedding Cake with Gold Detail Leaf Background
3 Tier Naked Wedding Cake with Fruits an
White and Navy 4 Tier Wedding Cake3
Mirror glaze wedding cake  4
Multi Flavour Naked Wedding Cake
Gold Drip Cake
Winter Woodland Wedding Cake
Cherry Blossom Tree Wedding Cake
Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake
Rock n Roll Wedding Cake2
2017-02-28_14-31-16_689 (2017-03-07T12_47_38.186)
Blue Marble & Bronze Sugar Leaves
2017-02-28_14-31-16_689 (2017-03-07T12_33_13.211)
Ruffles & Lotus Flower Wedding Cake
2017-02-28_14-31-16_689 (2017-02-28T14_39_37.361)
2 Tier Wedding Cake with Marble Effect, Silver and Sugar Orchids
Nottinghill Pyramid Wedding Cake
Simple Square Wedding Cake
Silver Ruffles & Piped Wedding Cake
Naked Cake Barn Wedding
Stylised shoot pt1 2016 048
Hydrangea Buttercream Wedding Cake
Fresh Flowers Summer Wedding Cake
Traditional Quilted 4 Tier Cake
Stylised shoot pt1 2016 076
Falling Rose Petals
Hand-Painted Chalkboard Cake Tier
Fresh Flowers 3 Tier Wedding Cake
Woodland Wedding Cake_edited
2017-02-28_14-31-16_689 (2017-02-28T14_51_34.351)
Simple Gold Wedding Cake
Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake
Silver Ruffles & Roses Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes 

When it comes to the design of your cake I don't have set designs  - it's all about what you want and I believe that every cake should have its own style just like the person it's for. Whether it is something a little different or something understated and subtle, whatever your vision entails, I will do everything I can to make it into beautiful and scrumptious centre piece for your wedding!


I will work with you personally to create a design that is perfect for you. I can incorporate ideas from other cakes you have seen (we all know the dangers of pinterest!) or take elements from other parts of your wedding; your dress, flowers, colour scheme etc, or just work to recreate a vision you have in your head! 


Please take a look at the gallery for examples of work I have previously done. It is by no means showing everything I have done and everything I can do, it is just a taster to give you a little viewing pleasure and perhaps a little inspiration. The possibilities of what we can do for you are endless...